11 Most Expensive Video Cameras in the World


Freezing time has been done with cameras for centuries. However, for some out there capturing a still picture is just not enough. They want to record the video, after all, there are so many websites out there to share them on, to show off your skills in video capture or just share an event. Also, there are some who aspire to become a great film maker one day, for them having a decent video camera is a must have. Unlike its still picture counterpart video cameras have not been around for long, but thanks to the monumental advancements in digital technology, today we have video cameras that can capture videos up to 4k resolution. If you happen to be a person who loves taking videos, and the smartphone cameras are just not high quality enough for you, then you might want to shell out some extra bucks to pick up a dedicated video camera. Compared to a smartphone, or a DSLR that also can capture video, these cameras might be a little bulky, but if you can work around that, the video quality you can get out of these wonderful machines is just beyond belief.

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