Video gaming has become very popular today, in fact, it has never been this popular ever since its inception in the early eighties. Today, thanks to the development of the computer and the internet, people who never held a game pad in their entire life can now download games to their handheld computers, and get playing. In the beginning, video games were primarily targeted towards kids, but as that generation grew, so did the medium, now video games are designed for the greater demographic. Regardless of the age, anyone could pick up and play millions of games that are out there. Also, in the past gaming required a dedicated device, and games cost money, but today there is seemingly an endless supply of free downloadable games on the internet. But we will not be focusing on free games today, rather we will be talking about some game items that cost a ridiculous amount of money to acquire. Yes, due to its overwhelming popularity, gaming has turned into a major industry over the years. And one way of making money for game developers is to introduce items to their games that can be purchased with real world money, this system is known as micro transaction model.

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