11 Most Famous Architects in The World


Every now and then, comes along a great artist, who just takes the world by storm with his/her masterpiece, and overnight our entire perception of art itself changes. And the field of architecture is no different. In architecture, we get to see the perfect amalgamation of creativity and engineering. And from that emerges a beautiful yet functional human made wonder. Architecture has been around from the day early humans got off from the trees and evacuated the caves, and started making their own shelters. In other words, architecture has always been an inseparable part of human society. If not all but some building are definitely considered as works of art, which also are functional. Today we will be talking about some great minds that have changed how we perceive architecture, and have created masterpieces that still remind us of these great architects. If you are interested in architecture, then you are going to love the following article. The article not only features the names of these great architects, but also their most famous creations.

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