Most of us ordinary citizens will never have to face a court case in our entire lie times, but that does not mean that we do not care about what goes on in the courts, and how the verdict of a certain court case can have a huge impact on society. Sometimes, a court case grabs so much attention, for its subject matter or the significance of the parties involved that it becomes a phenomenon. And every form of media tries to cover every moment of the case, as the entire population of America watches in anticipation. Yes, we are talking about cases of this caliber. You most certainly can recall a few cases of such sort from the top of your mind. But there is a possibility that you do not have knowledge about all of them. And reading about such cases is just a delight. So, we have gone though some of the most popular cases in the History of America, and then have devised a ranking system based on points to compile a list out of them. You can learn more about the cases and the ranking system that we employed in the full article.

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