11 Most Famous Ghosts in the World


I am sure you are familiar with the famous quote by William Shakespeare “There are more things in heaven and earth” in his world famous play “Hamlet”. Even in this day and age, there are indeed many things that science just cannot explain. Things that just defy the laws of nature and the principles by which the world as we know it works. Ghosts, demons, specters, these entities have been called by many names, and some just outright call them hoaxes, or hallucinations. Whatever your opinion may be on the matter, there still remain a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to the supernatural. I am not just talking about, folklore or urban legends, every major religion on the face of the earth acknowledges the existence of supernatural beings that sometimes crosses over the boundary of their realm and converge on ours. Researchers at insider monkey’s blog page, have dug up relevant information available on this topic, and then ranked the top incidents in an article. Today, we would like to share our findings with our readers. Of course you have to form your own opinion about these incidents, we are merely listing them for your convenience.

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