11 Most Googled Female Celebrities in the World


There was once a time, when to look up information about anything and everything, we had to go to the library, and read through relevant books. And just to look up the book with the right information sometimes took hours, depending on the subject. In that contrast, looking up information about celebrities were not that difficult even then. Showbiz magazines were full of information about celebrities and socialites. If you are in your teens then you probably will not understand what I am talking about here. However, if we compare that to what we do today, then the difference is even beyond night and day. Today to look up all the information about any celebrity, we just have type in their name in a search engine, and voila. To talk about search engines, what better is there than Google.com, the world’s most visited website. Thanks to google we had a new verb added to the English vocabulary “googling”. It means to look something up over the internet. Today we will be talking about most googled female celebrities in the world. Of course male celebrities are googled with equal frequency if not more, but that is a topic for another day.

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