11 Most Infamous Cults and Cult Leaders in American History


Though the very word “Cult” has a rather negative connotation to it, but a cult is not necessarily a bad thing. At least in recent times, the term is used frequently to denote highly devoted fans of any given subject. But in a more traditional way, cult means a group of people engaged in some sort of religious belief and/or practice considered to be sinister in nature by the general populous. And today we will be talking about exactly that sort of cults today. Yes, there have been numerous criminal incidents that had been carried out by followers of cults and by the order of notorious cult leaders. Today we will be focusing on some of these cults based in the United States, but it must be stated here that, this type of incident is not isolated in the United States alone, cults have been active in all parts of the world for a very long time. I think, the first line of defense against such things is to know about them, I mean belonging in a cult is not criminal as long as the cult’s motivation and activities harm the community and the people.

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