Among all the continents of the world, perhaps Africa is the least developed one. Even though the continent has been blessed with all kinds of natural resources, but due to mismanagement and insatiable greed of people have led the continent into chaos and turmoil. Also, foreign powers have intervened with the continent for a long period of time. But finally it seems, that the people of the continent have risen up to all the opposing forces. We did an article about the economic condition of Africa a few days back, and we found some of the African countries now have the highest GDP (gross domestic product) growth rate of the entire world. But the journey to total enlightenment for the continent is not over yet. Still famine and civil war, plague the continent, and it is will be a while before Africa finally manages to emancipate itself from the shackles of prejudice and misfortune. For the time being we can only take comfort in knowing that the change has begun, and it must be nurtured till it gathers enough momentum to break through all obstacles that lies ahead. There are several countries in Africa today, that are quite hospitable even from the perspective of a westerner.

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