11 Most Loved TV Characters of All Time


Ever since its invention, television has been a major source of entertainment for us. And even today, with all the alternatives at our disposal, a bulk of the population still relies on this rather outdated medium of entertainment. Even though many attempts have been taken by television manufacturers to augment this wonderful device, like the 3d television, the smart television that allows you to connect to the internet and so on. But, what makes the television great is not the features it has, rather the programs that airs on it. Television has given birth to a great industry quite comparable to the movie industry, and has presented us with awesome actors, who captivate us with their magical on screen performances. And you just cannot have enough of them. Today, we will talk about some of these remarkable television personas. Characters that we love so much, and characters who have literally become the part of our culture through their remarkable attributes. I am sure you have your share of loved TV characters, and today we will present you with our list. If you are a television enthusiast, then this article is a must read for you.

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