Wealth is extremely important in life. It gives us the power, protection, respect and even happiness (according to some). But if you place wealth ahead of your health in your to do list, then I must say that you are at a fault here. There is and can be nothing more important than health. If you are not healthy enough, the wealth of the entire universe will not make sense to you. This is why the modern city dweller always finds some time to work out and stay in shape. And this is where the gyms come in. If you are not already enlisted at a gym, then I think it is about time that you did it. Yes, you will have to dedicate some time that you could have used otherwise to the gym. But, the benefits you get from doing that are really remarkable. Modern science and technology has blessed us with a lot of conveniences that makes our life very easy. But it is because of these conveniences that we do not get the necessary level of exercise that our bodies require to stay in shape. And this is why obesity and heart diseases are so common.

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