11 Most Popular Indian YouTube Channels in 2016


YouTube has become a global phenomenon. Thanks to its ease of use, and nonrestrictive approach to a sustainable business model. Creative people around the world are now free to show off their creativity to the world at no cost to themselves. If you love making videos and you have the most basic equipment available, then you are all set to go on YouTube. This is the reason why YouTube is so popular among any other streaming media websites. You can find anything on YouTube, from hilarious standup comedy to more serious stuff about war and politicos. Regardless whatever you fancy, you will find it over on YouTube. Nowadays, you can even live stream on YouTube to your subscribers and others at will. Even though, for live streaming twitch is still the leading website, but who knows what the future may hold. Anyway, as you can see from the title of our article today, that we will talk about the most popular YouTube channels that have its ties to India. I do not think I need to elaborate about India, and how far have India come within a relatively short span of time. I am sure you already know all those things.

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