11 Most Popular Smartphones in Australia


It may seem that the Australian smartphone market is saturated, but instead it is quite the opposite. Australians love their smartphones. It has been observed that most Australian smartphone owners own multiple smartphones, when they buy a new smartphone they keep their old one as a backup device. Currently, almost 75% of adult Australians own a smartphone. Australia is a rich country and its market trends are comparable to any western country, whenever new devices are introduced into the market, many Australians tend to upgrade their phones almost instantly. A recent study in Australia shows that few Australians can imagine life without constant texting, emailing, or resorting to other utilities offered by their smartphones. 84% of users always carry their smartphones along and 71% of users do not turn off their phones ever.

News updates are most viewed content through smartphones in Australia. Also, Australians tend to share and exchange opinion the news over social media networks by sharing them. Mostly it is the international news.

Today we look at the most popular smartphones in Australia. When it comes to smartphones Australians do not compromise, they always tend to go for the best available option. It can be attributed to the high market penetration of smartphones in Australia. If you are looking for more information regarding the Australian smartphone market please follow the link to 11 Most Popular Smartphones in Australia to know more.