11 Most Popular Smartphones in China


Without a doubt China has become the world emerging economic power. Today let us talk about the Chinese smartphone market. Along with the rest of the world the smartphone fever has infected the Chinese as well. In China, along with all the world renowned smartphone manufacturers, some local Chinese brands also operate. And even though these brands might not have the same level of brand equity as Samsung or Apple, but in China they do have quite a bit of influence. And quality wise these smartphones are in per if not better compared to Samsung or Apple products. This makes the Chinese smartphone market bit unique than other markets in Asia.

The Chinese manufacturers are known for providing products comparable to high end counterparts for just a fraction of the price. This calls for a very interesting situation in the Chinese smartphone market. From the perspective of an observer, the Chinese smartphone market offers a lot of twists and turns as well. It has been a pure delight for me to read and learn about China’s preferences about smartphones. Especially when they get to choose from the world renowned brands and also alternatives offered by their local brands. The Chinese smartphone manufacturers are not very well known in the western world, but in the east they do have a major presence. Also, something to note here, many renowned brands have their products manufactured from Chinese factories.

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