The smartphone phenomenon has taken over the world by storm. This new wonder gadget is available¬† everywhere, all over the globe. From the impoverished streets of Africa to the wealthiest metropolises of the first world countries. Therefore, it is safe to assume the demand for smartphones will and does vary from country to country and continent to continent. Understanding the market and target customer segment is key for a successful marketing campaign. It’s suffice to say whatever smartphone, and the associated marketing strategy may win over millions in Africa, could be of no use in Europe, unless it’s modified to correspond with the demand of a European consumer.

There are many wealthy countries in Europe. The choice of smartphones there, is driven by aesthetics, performance, brand equity over affordability. The smartphone market is more evolved in European countries, the availability and affordability of good internet connection has enhanced the experience of smartphone users many folds. The smartphones of today are capable of performing any task that an average personal computer can do, and its transportability
gives it the edge over laptop computers.

If you are looking for a smartphone which is not just great performance wise but also has some premium features, and you are not that sensitive to a moderate price tag, then just click the link to 11 Most Popular Smartphones in Europe to do a thorough reading.