11 Most Popular Smartphones in India


Goods and service companies are locked in a fierce battle for market share amongst themselves all around the world. Some companies have already managed to accumulate a dedicated customer base who not only vouch for the brand, but also play a key role in the marketing strategy. The word of mouth, or when they say good things about a brand to their peers or friends, it usually has the power to convince others to buy that brand. India with its 1.25 billion people, is the largest democratic country in the world. To be able to convince a large portion of Indians towards a brand would translate into massive quantities of sales  for that particular brand. In order to do that, a brand must find out what the Indians prefer and what makes a modern Indian spend his/her hard earned money.

In recent decades, India has experienced an extraordinary economic boom. India is considered the most prominent market in Asia. And for any company to achieve a strong foothold there, is very crucial, not only for its operations in India but also for the rest of Asia as well.

We all know about the major smartphone brands. In addition to that in the Indian market, there are few phones, which you might  have heard of, but were not keen about in getting. If the phone makes the following list of 11 Most Popular Smartphones in India, then please understand this the Indian market is huge and this many people can not go wrong.