11 Most Popular Smartphones in the World


The year was 2007, when Apple introduced the first ever truly smart mobile phone the first iPhone. From there the smartphones became a global phenomenon, as Mr. Jobs promised while introducing this new and revolutionary technological wonder “It will change everything” so it did. The reign of smartphones is not that long, but already it has conquered the entire world. The smartphones today outsell personal computers and laptops, four to one, that is an impressive figure. And if we consider the raw processing power of modern smartphones, pound for pound they are not that far behind form even desktop computers. Underneath its sleek and slim shell, it packs some serious horsepower. There are smartphones that have octacore processors, that are not very much bigger than a bar of a kit-kat.

Every major smartphone brand re-imagines the perfect smartphone every year, and launches their flagship product into the market. That creates somewhat confusion for a smartphone buyer, because there are so many options available. And every smartphone of today will be obsolete by the end of the year, so which one should give the most bang for the buck is also something to consider.

At insider monkey’s blog page, we have come up with a list of 11 Most Popular Smartphones in the World of this year. So if you are planning on purchasing a new and shiny smartphone, then please click on given link for reading the full article. Hopefully by the time you are done, you probably have found the right smartphone for you.