11 Most Popular Songs About America


Music has been a part of human history ever since the beginning of it. Prehistoric musical instruments which once were used by the early humans can be seen in museums today. These rudimentary yet significant musical instruments say a lot about human nature. So, it should come as no surprise to absolutely anyone when we find patriotism and music go hand in hand. However, we cannot claim that all the songs that made the list is only patriotic. Even though, America has established itself as a holy land of freedom and democracy, but everything about this great country is not that true and pure, as one would like it to be. And some musicians very eloquently put these matters in front of Americans. These songs also received praise from the populace, and had been included in the list. That being said, if you do not find your favorite song about America on this list, do not grab a hold of your pitchforks and torches. If you are into music, then you are definitely aware of Billboard, America’s number one popularity metric. We have sought assistance from one of their articles to come up with the list.

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