Drug addiction is a very real problem in the world today. Unfortunately, the marketers of such substances have been somehow able to successfully associate drugs with being cool, and reckless, and oddly enough, bravery. Adjectives, which any teenager would love to be associated with. Also, many musicians tend to do drugs, and many musicians claim that they have done their masterpieces under the influence of drugs. But it must be mentioned here, science does not recognize any property of narcotic substances that enhances person’s creativity. All these substances do, is to produce a state of false wellbeing for a short duration. And in exchange damage the user’s body permanently. There are many musicians who have met an untimely end due to excessive drug use. But even to this day, many musicians are involved with drugs, and even they make songs about drugs as well. Today we will be taking a look at some of these songs about drugs. We have gone through YouTube and Chart performances of such songs and ranked them based on their views on YouTube and US billboard ranking.

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