11 Most Popular Songs about Friendship


Today we are about to talk about two of the most cherished things of our lives, music and friendship. We are not loners, we are indeed social begins. We wish to belong in a group. And we fill this longing by making friends with other like minded individuals around us. And what more is there to say about music. Ever since human beings came into existence, music has been around in some form or another. As the prehistoric musical artifacts bear witness to that fact. Yes, archeologists have found compelling evidence that even in the prehistoric times, humans were capable of producing music, like the ancient flute made out of vulture bones. The artifact is said to be forty thousand years old. Let us not go off topic here, today we will be talking about songs about friendship. By the way, if you do not see your favorite song in the list, then please do refrain from reaching out to your pitchforks and torches. Our list is not in any way arbitrary, rather based on solid evidence, you can read all about our sources and ranking methods in the full article.

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