11 Most Popular Songs About God


Religion is a very sensitive subject. One holds his/her religion very near and to him/her. So, it should come as no surprise that there are countless songs about God out there. From the ancient times, we see a clear influence of theism on human culture. And today it is no different. As music has been the part of humanity from time immemorial, so has been the idea of God. And the songs that we are going to talk about today are a perfect amalgamation of these two. Perhaps the list will not appeal to someone who is not a believer in God, but for a God fearing man, the list is a must read. A religion is a belief system. And the overwhelming majority of the population of the entire world, identify themselves as theists. Meaning that they believe in the existence of God or Gods. So, this list is dedicated to those people. There are many religions that are still practiced today, but there are only a handful major religions out there. So, if you happen to be a follower of any one of those prolific religions, you just might find your favorite song featured in the list.

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