11 Most Popular Songs about Money


Music is a part of ourselves. It has been like this ever since the dawn of humanity. Music is how we reach out to people and express our emotions, feelings and thoughts in an eloquent way. And thanks to modern technology, we can now carry our entire song library with us, on our smartphones. Let us not go off topic here. As music is an inseparable part of human life, so is money. It is money for which we work 24/7 and it is money that can give us everything that we will ever need, well almost everything. And what happens when we combine the two most essential elements of being human? Well, we get amazing songs about money. And our today’s topic is just that. Today we will be talking about some awesome songs that talk about money. And as always, we are not going to provide you with an arbitrary list, we indeed have dug up relevant information and the came up with the list at hand. You can read all about our research methodology in the main article.

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