11 Most Popular Songs About Texas


If we look it up, we will find that every state has a song or two written about them. But hardly these songs make it big, and become a major hit. A few songs that I can think of right now are “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Oklahoma,” “California Girls” and “Empire State of Mind” demonstrates that there are a few pretty recognizable songs about some of the nation’s most iconic states. However, when it comes to songs about a certain state, nothing beats Texas. This Lone Star State, is the second largest and also the second most populous state of the United States of America. And the natives of the state of Texas seem to have a great deal of state pride about them, especially when it comes to songs. The state’s relationship with country music can be noticed by the sheer multitude of country songs out there about Texas. And not just country music, rather there are songs about the state of Texas from many other genres of music as well, like rock and blues. But, we will only be talking about those songs which eventually became monstrous hits nationwide. And for any music lover, these songs will definitely satisfy their thirst for good music.

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