11 Most Popular Taylor Swift Songs of All Time


I take it that you are familiar with Taylor Swift and her work. However, if you are not aware of her and her work, then congratulations on waking up from your coma. Just kidding, but yeah, anyone who knows English is probably aware of Taylor Swift. She just took the world by storm with her amazing voice and wonderful songs. Even though she started her career with country music, but then she established herself as a versatile singer as she ventured in other genres of music with ease. Today she is perhaps the most popular female singer in America. Since you have shown interest in the article, then you probably are an avid fan of Taylor Swift already, and I do not need to praise her music. If that is the case, then you are going to enjoy the article quite a bit, because in the full article, you will be able learn about her most popular songs as of yet. And not just that, we have also ranked these songs according to their popularity as well. Of course the article is not arbitrary, you can read all about our ranking methods in the full article.

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