11 Most Popular Websites in India in 2015


India has managed to grab the attention of the world for many reasons. Not only it is home to more than 1.2 billion people of highly diverse cultures, but it is also the world’s largest democracy. Despite the huge cultural diversity, people of India seem to have reached a place of perfect harmony when it comes to patriotism, people are highly dedicated in serving their country in spite obvious differences in their cultural beliefs. Thus making India the emerging economic giant from Asia. When it comes to the use of internet, India is the third country with largest internet user base in the world, with more than 243 million concurrent users. Also Indian internet user base has a robust double digit growth rate. This has enabled Indian websites to thrive and develop in an unprecedented manner. Apart from Indian websites, many global online giants have designed a separate website for India as well. Indians nowadays are very reliant on searching for relevant information, jobs and shopping online like any other developed country.

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