11 Most Profitable Airlines In The World: Will It Last?


Hello, you have probably noticed that the name of our article has a questioned attached to the end, which is not unheard of but rather uncommon. Today, as we look at the most profitable airlines of the world today, we will also speculate about whether the airline industry will remain viable as a good profit earner or not. In today’s modern world, we just cannot think about life without air travel. Every day, hundreds of thousands of passengers fly across the globe in aircrafts. And from the looks of it, in the foreseeable future this will not change. However, the question is airlines profitable? And for how long they can remain profitable enough. Well, I can only give you a rather vague answer to that question, because if you want to know more on this matter, you will have to go through the full article. Yes, the airlines are very profitable, in fact, they count their profits in billions. As the world becomes more and more accessible to the general people, and all the barriers fade away, aircrafts become the most viable medium of transports.

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