Can you guess at least one of the Americans’ cravings for this year? Truth be told, they aren’t that much different from the last one, but there’s a twist to this story, of course. Here are Insider Monkey’s 11 most profitable food items sold in America in 2018!

As you have already noticed, health and wellness have become quite trendy. Wherever you go, there’s an advertisement or two about the health benefits of certain food. Manufacturers believe the key to success is labeling food with “zero sugar”, “fat-free”, “low in oil”, “gluten-free” and so on. Actually, that has nothing to do with our freedoms as consumers. Those “free” labels are only trying to limit our shopping habits into opting for a product that is, let’s say, low-fat. We’re constantly being programmed to fill our shopping cart with this restricted food (which is in contrast very rich in preservatives). But is that really working? No, not really.

The article is based on the assumption that most money is made by restaurants charging us for their food, preparation, and service. Just think about it. How much do you pay for scrambled eggs for breakfast? And what is the price of eggs at the supermarket? Exactly. This is only one of the examples where customers are charged much more. Actually, some products are 1000% more expensive in a fancy restaurant than inside your own home. As well as that, there’s one food item Americans just can’t get enough of. The production and consumption have been rising every year, and 2018 will set a record!

Hungry yet? Grab a bite before you read Insider Monkey’s 11 most profitable food items sold in America in 2018!