11 Most Recognized Gangsters of Hollywood


At least once in life a person wants to become a gangster. Yes, it is a very dishonorable profession, but on the other hand, there will be no one around to tell that to you in your face. And of course, it is Hollywood movies that have glorified and romanticized the role of gangsters. But thankfully people always know better and the aspiration of becoming a gangster is always short lived. However, for the actors in the movie, who portrays the role of a glorified gangster, can be a career defining factor. As many actors have become famous for such roles. And are forever remembered for their outstanding performance in a said movie as the gangster. Today our topic is to find out those awesome actors, who we always like to think as gangsters. Just think about the word gangster, and see which characters face pops into your mind. Well, in my case it is Al Pacino for his extraordinary performance in the Godfather movie series. If you want to know about more actors who immortalized the gangsters in the world of cinema, then I cannot recommend the following article enough to you.

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