11 Most Religiously Tolerant Countries in the World


Religion has been an inseparable part of human society for as long as humans had the ability to think food and safety. In the past, religion has been the source of major global conflicts, as the followers of major world religions sought to establish its supremacy over others, and not by peaceful means. However, things seem to have changed greatly today. Though most religions preach peace in its teachings, but somehow violence seems to be unavoidable. Apart from ethnicity, religious belief is perhaps another big reason for hate crimes in the world. But the countries that we will be talking about today in our article, have managed to show a great degree of tolerance towards the prevalent minorities. If you are planning to move to a foreign country, and you think you might become a religious minority over there, then better take a look at our list.  I am not implying that countries that did not make the list are outright hostile to minorities, rather there are counties where being a minority will result in comparatively less social stigma. Our article on this matter is not subjective, we have hard evidence to go with our ranking, and you will be able to learn all about that as you read through the full article.

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