11 Most Romantic Songs of All Time


We must admit that this has been a rather difficult list to come up with. There are so many magnificent songs out there about romance, and just coming up with a handful was really a tough call to make. Now that being said, please do not reach for your pitchforks and torches, if you do not see your favorite romantic song on this list. We assure you, that the list is a made on the basis of valid information from credible sources, and not just arbitrary. As always, you can read more about our research methodology and every source that we used to compile the data, in the main article. Music goes way beyond that a source of mere entertainment. It is a part of us, and it has been from the very dawn of humanity. There is no better way to reach out to others than music. Romance is no exception, if you are seeking for the one true love, or if you wish to celebrate the moment with your soulmate, then you ought to play the most romantic songs that exist. And to help you with that, we present to you our list.

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