11 Most Sold Cocktail Drinks Around the World


Alcohol consumption has been associated with human societies, even from the prehistoric times. It is estimated that the ancient civilizations used to produce some form of beer for this purpose. Every ancient civilization, like the ancient Egyptians, and the Sumerians have some sort of record of alcohol production. Either written in the ancient scriptures or drawn onto some ancient pottery. That being said, thanks to modern technology, the distillation process allowed us to produce far more potent and diverse alcoholic beverages. And people with keen eyes and a taste for good alcohol, then went ahead and created the cocktails from them. The cocktails are probably the most popular party drinks there is. Virtually there exists unlimited options for cocktails, but not all of them are popular. And some cocktails are rather expensive, so if you are willing to try some of them out, I suggest going through our article regarding this topic first. Because then you will know which are the most popular cocktails out there and try them out at your own leisure. One thing is for sure, if you are feeling adventurous then cocktails are the drink you should go for.

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