11 Most Sold Non Prescription Drugs


Today we will be talking about some drugs that pretty much have become household names. These drugs can easily be obtained without any prescription from a registered doctor, and hence they have been labeled as OTC drugs or over the counter drugs. It is as the name implies, you visit your local chemist and ask of any of these on the list and he will be much obliged to conform to your request, provided you have the money to pay for it. People want to keep these kind of drugs handy, because of the convenience they offer. Whenever you have a headache, assuming that it is not chronic, you would not want to visit your doctor. Just keep a few analgesics or “pain killers” as they are commonly referred to, handy and when you can, sleep it off. These OTCs have made life that much simpler. And that is just one kind of OTC, there are many more, some you are already aware of and some you might want to know about. The good news is, you can learn about every kind of OTCs out there as you go through the full article on this topic. We have ranked them based on sales.

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