11 Most Successful Disney Movies Ever


When it comes to entertainment for the whole family, you just cannot go wrong with Disney. Most Disney movies always have something for the entire family. Even though, many people think that Disney movies are only suitable for kinds, but Walt Disney Company have been consistently producing movies that could be enjoyed both by adults and the children. It is true that The Walt Disney Company started off as a kinds only company, but things have changed quite a lot over the past few decades. Disney movies always tend to have a great story and an assortment of very interesting characters. We often fall in love with Disney characters because we can easily relate to them, most Disney characters are caricatures of real life people. And when you add a compelling story and ground breaking CGI effects, you get the recipe for an awesome Disney movie. You can imagine how hard it has been to rank the top Disney movies in a list. As there are so many great Disney movies out there. If you are a Disney fan, then the article I am talking about is a must read for you.

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