11 Most Successful Horror Movie Franchises of All Time


The memory of Halloween is still fresh in our minds, I guess this is the best time to talk about scary stuff is it not? Well, over the years horror movies have been a mainstay in Hollywood. And there have been several horror movie franchises over the years. I am sure you are already aware of quite a few of them, if you are a horror fan. The human psychology is quite remarkable, we feel afraid when there is a potential for harm, and fear has kept us safe, it keeps us from doing stupid stuff. Physically speaking, our bodies do not respond well to fear, our bodies are not designed to enjoy it to say the least. Yet, we crave horror movies. The answer to why we actively seek to be scared shall be answered in another article. Today we will take a look at the most successful horror movie franchises ever created. If you love horror movies, then you must absolutely take a look at the main article otherwise you risk missing out on a few of them. Which is not recommended to say the least.

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