11 Most Successful Minecraft Youtubers in the World


Minecraft is a game that grants the player a lot of freedom. Basically the player is free to do whatever he or she wants to do in game. There are basically no rules regarding how the game should be played. And thanks to the highly enthusiastic Modding community, there will always be something new about minecraft, even after years of its original release. While it is true that minecraft was not the first ever survival themed game out there, but it was definitely the title that popularized the genre. Naturally, the internet took interest in the game, and a following began. There are several websites out there, that feature dedicated minecraft players, but today we are just going to take a look at YouTube exclusively. If you have a channel on YouTube or just looking for some good minecraft channels to get your fill from, then I am sure the main article will help you quite a lot. We took a good look at minecraft channels on YouTube and  made the list containing only the best of the best. Therefore, without further ado, let me point you in the right direction.

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