11 Most Technologically Advanced Militaries in the World


Regardless how we look at it, our history is a history of war, conquest, and turmoil. There is always a war going somewhere. And from the looks of it, humankind is far away from achieving a completely peaceful world. If we analyze, we see that the peace period in between wars, is when nations busy themselves preparing for the next war. Though one thing must be said about the wars, despite being extremely damaging to every participating party, war always manages to drive the existing technologies forward a few notches. However, wars of today are fought and won completely differently than in the past. Today, the how advanced an army is in technology is the determining factor, than the size of an army. Because of that, every nation on the face of the planet is trying to develop combat technologies that can revolutionize warfare. The competition among nations is intense in this regard. However, like everything else, some nations are leading the world in military technology and other are following. Today, we will be talking about those nations that have high tech military technologies at their disposal. Thankfully, these nations are interested in world conquest, at least openly.

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