We try our best to achieve peace. But the history of humanity is not of peace and harmony, rather conflict and turmoil. War, is a significant part of human history. Even though on the surface, it might not seem like it, but war or rather the anticipation war is the driving force that pushes humankind forward in terms of technology. Every major war ever fought spawned some amazing technology, which were appreciated later in peace times for friendlier purposes, but we must not forget its original purpose was to annihilate human lives. One such example is the atomic bomb, or rather the secret to unlock this immense source of power. This energy now powers a lot of mega cities in the world, which was originally invented to put an end to the Second World War. But even now, in relatively peaceful times, scientists are designing amazing weapons in anticipation of another war. And if God forbids that time ever comes, what doomsday machines should be unleashed onto the world. Our researchers have dug deep and found out information about these futuristic weapons. I am sure any tech enthusiast would love to read about them.

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