11 Richest Dead Celebrity Earners in 2015


Death is something that we know is certain, but try not to talk about it that often. Perhaps this is due to the extremity that it implies. Today’s topic may seem a bit morbid to some of our readers, but what we are discussing here is far from it. This article shows that even after the death of a celebrity, their legacy goes on. And as long as the world we know it exists, they will not truly die out. Yes, celebrities can earn money even after their death. Mainly through copyright, and royalties. Also, many companies produce merchandise featuring these celebrities and their sales contribute to their earnings as well. You will be amazed to know that even after death, celebrities can make more money in a year that we would not be able to make in an entire lifetime. Celebrities are not regular people, they are one in a million, and we love to honor their memory. Often the death of a celebrity makes us feel a huge loss, just like the feeling of losing a loved one. I am sure you will enjoy reading the following article. Even though the title of the article says dead celebrities, but it actually celebrates their life and their work.

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