11 Richest Golfers in the World


Golf is a very interesting sport. Especially as its origins are quite contradictory to our perceptions of it today. Today golf is perceived to be the game of rich people, as the kit alone can cost a fortune, and not just that, the golf courses are rather expensive to build and maintain as well. So, to play golf, one must possess a considerable amount of money to spare to begin with. And when it comes to professional golfing, world class golfers earn in millions no less. That being said, let us talk a little about the origins of the sports. Golf was allegedly first played in Scotland in the fifteenth century, and as oppose to common belief, it was a game played by peasants back in the day. As the clubs were made out of wood and iron, back in the day it did not take much to get you started in golf. The game became so popular among peasants that the Scottish king had to ban the sports as people were neglecting their duty on account of playing golf. Well, that being said, as we all know golf has become a completely different game today.

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