11 Sexiest Accents in the World


Accents are what makes us differ from the native speakers of the language. Though some might argue that having a heavy accent does not do justice to a given language, but getting rid of the accent is a really tough job. It is absolutely possible, but it might take some getting used to. However, having a different accent that the locals, is not always a bad thing. Some accents, but not all obviously, are considered “sexy” by the native speakers. In this case, we are specifically talking about English and the country we are focusing on is The United States of America. We are focusing on the accents that The Americans find rather sexy. If you happen to have one of the accents that have made it into the list, then you can consider yourself quite lucky. If you are looking to make an impression on someone, your accent can really help you out with that. So, if you happen to be a foreigner with an accent, and are interested to know how sexy your accent is, then you ought to read the full article.

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