11 States that Give Licenses to Illegal Immigrants


The United States of America has been considered as the land of opportunities for a very long time, and thus, many immigrants flock the shores of this great nation every year. However, along will millions of legal immigrants, there resides a big number of illegal immigrants in the United States as well. According to records, almost 12 million illegal immigrants had been residing in the United States in the year 2007. However, things are looking good as the number of illegal immigrants is declining. Well, if you are wondering what is the penalty of being an illegal immigrant in the United States is, then to start off, you will not have a social security number, thus you will not be able to get any facilities or any licenses that legal immigrants can have. However, there is just one exception, which is the driving licence. In some states in the US, it is possible to have a driving license, even without a social security number. Of course, you need to pass the associated tests and fill out the necessary forms, but you do not need to be a legal immigrant in order to do this.

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