11 States that have Highest Domestic Violence Rates in America


Today we will be talking about something rather mundane and very unfortunate. Something that is condemned by the entire world, yet somehow is still prevalent in modern societies. When two people live together for a long duration of time, disputes are bound to occur. In the end, every human being is unique, even the differences in characteristics between two identical twins are huge. So, it is only natural that domestic disputes will erupt from time to time in a family. Though thankfully in most cases, those involved in such disputes can set their differences aside for the common good and reason with each other in a peaceful manner. However, in some cases things get out of hand and people resort to violence. And that is something which is totally unacceptable under any circumstance. Whenever, violence takes place, the mutual respect and trust upon which every relation is based, just ceases to exist. And the person at the receiving end of it, becomes an object rather than a human being. Which is just infuriating. But sadly enough, these type of violent acts are being carried out in American homes, and it must be stopped. The sole purpose of our article is to raise the awareness against it.

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