11 States Where Gay Marriage is Legal


Times have changed, there was a time when belonging in the LGBT community could result in a death penalty. Over time people have grown more tolerant to such ideas. Today, we live in a rather emancipated society, where such notions are not yet encouraged, but rather accepted. Still the social stigma tends to follow those who belong in such communities. But now they have acquired legal support. Well, it is mere eventuality, if peace is to be achieved, then we must have to learn to accept and understand people for who they really are. Every individual has a right to exercise his/her beliefs, as long as it does not cause harm to others. And the great nation of the United States has always been considered to be the land of freedom and individualism. Though it took a while, but finally homosexual marriage has been legalized in some states. Today we will be taking a look at the states that have legalized homosexual marriage. But the LGBT is still very far away from what it aspires to achieve. Even today, people belonging to the LGBT community are subjected to violence, ridicule and all sorts of harassment in many parts of the globe.

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