11 Tallest Mountains in the World


Regardless how you look at it, many of us have become accustomed to looking at the world through the monitor, and they just would not have it otherwise. But, I am sure you do not have to hear it from me that the real world out there is far prettier that any monitor of any description can show us. Another thing that we really miss out on, is the grand scale of things. How big the world actually is, and how insignificant we are in comparison to it. Mountains are one such majestic feature of our planet that remind us of the grandness of things around us. The Earth is littered with mountains, reminding us of how volatile and violet the world once was. Standing tall and proud, unconquerable, unchanging. If you have never been on a mountain, you ought to be at least once in your lifetime. You need not scale the tallest of mountains to experience this. That being said, today we will be talking about some of the tallest mountains of our planet. These mountains go up thousands of feet, and only the most daring of climbers attempt to conquer them. The stakes are really high, but so is the reward.

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