Encountering Mother Nature in her purest form is something so amazing that it is really difficult to put into words. This has to be experienced firsthand to what it is actually like. The unspoiled beauty and sheer force of nature never ceases to amaze us. But as we build our cities and skyscrapers, we are slowly but surely turning away from what we came to be. We are pushing nature away from us. But thankfully there are still places where a person can still become one with nature, and experience its wonders. If you wish to experience the unwavering, powerful and wild part of nature, then there is no better place to do it other than the waterfalls. There are quite a few of this truly majestic sights out there. Reading about these magnificent waterfalls will definitely overwhelm you with pleasure. And if you have been thinking about going green, then you will find another reason to go for it as well. We have done a few listicles about waterfalls in the past, but today we will be talking about some of the widest waterfalls there are in the world.

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