11 Worst Cities for People with Asthma in America


As we build higher and bigger cities, we are putting the environment under a lot of pressure. Our ever growing demand for more space, more power and more modern lifestyle is causing great harm to the environment. And in turn, we are only hurting ourselves. Asthma is an extremely debilitating disease. And unless you are an asthma patient, you cannot even begin to comprehend how horrible it is to suffer from asthma. There are many causes behind the disease, but perhaps the most notorious among all is air pollution. Yes, air pollution that we are mostly responsible for, can cause asthma and also polluted air can trigger an asthma attack as well. Would you like to know how does it feel to suffer an asthma attack? Well, just cover your nostrils and mouth with your hands and try to breathe. It is this bad of an experience. Our today’s article focuses on this very sad topic. If you are an asthma patient living in the United States, then we highly recommend that you avoid the cities that made the list. Because your condition may worsen if you are staying in any of the cities mentioned in the list.

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