11 Worst Countries for a Woman to Live in


Women have been fighting for their rights for a very long time. Even in the most developed parts of the world, gender discrimination, violence against women are common occurrences. The only good news is that the modern society does not just let it happen quietly. But alas, we cannot say that for every country in the world. Women are being tormented, tortured, deprived of even the most basic rights as a human being in a lot of countries. And this is happening right under the noses of authority, but no one gets held accountable. It seems in those places, women are just not only treated as the lesser sex, but less than a human being altogether. Unfortunately, the only option for most of us is only make some noise about it, and hope that it will reach some sympathetic ears, which in turn will be able to help these women living under the despicable conditions. The world can become so much better, if only we could give it a chance. For the time being, if you agree with us, do whatever is within your capacity to stand up against such injustice.

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