11 Worst Countries That Are Responsible For Global Warming


We are completely dependent on fossil fuels, and for the time being it seems that things are going to remain that way. Even though some of the developed countries are now utilizing nuclear energy to produce electricity, but for vehicles, we are mostly stuck with fossil fuel. And this is the primary reason behind the huge quantities of carbon emission. This massive amount of carbon emission and coupled with deforestation, is behind the greenhouse effect or global warming. Although individuals and organizations are going green, but still it is not enough, if something radical is not done soon enough, a major catastrophe will engulf the entire world. We do not want to point any fingers or save ourselves from blame, but there are a few countries out there that produce a lot more carbon footprint compared to other countries. But that does not imply that only these countries should be held responsible for global warming. Anyway, this makes for a rather interesting topic for reading. If you are looking for some quality infotainment, then you will find the following article quite useful.

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