When mentioning the worst drug trafficking country, you’re thinking South America, aren’t you? As you will see from 11 worst drug trafficking countries in the world, nothing could be further from the truth. Some 9,000 miles further, to be more precise.

It hasn’t always been universally acknowledged what is considered to be an illegal drug. Nowadays, there’s no problem discerning that. All countries are very specific about it, and they’re trying to discourage the usage and production as much as possible. However, the efforts seem to be in vain considering the global drug trafficking market is worth half a trillion dollars. Of course, the figures are just estimates since drug dealers aren’t kind enough to show their books to the IRS. Somewhat surprisingly, out of all the drugs in traffic, the biggest revenue isn’t coming from cocaine at all, even though it’s on the news all the time with impressive quantities.

Insider Monkey is giving you a list of countries that are considered to be the the most dangerous, deadliest and most productive. Several have been ranked as the places where you are most likely to lose your life. As for the deadliest, the criteria actually refers to the fact how many people have died due to drug abuse within the country. It’s practically impossible for drug to be circulating in such amounts without the temptation for the locals. Finally, we can guarantee you’ll be impressed with the fact just how many hectares are planted with poppy, cannabis and coco leaves. The routes are included in the countries’ descriptions, too.

Also, there will be a word of two about people who are making all this happen – the loyal customers. You’ll see which countries are the greatest consumers.

As you can see, there are lots of interesting facts about drug smuggling to find out, so take a look at 11 worst drug trafficking countries in the world.