11 Worst Lottery Winner Horror Stories: Problems With Winning The Lottery


When a person buys a lottery ticket, they are full of enthusiasm and dreams of hitting it big. However, only a minute percentage of people are actually lucky enough to win something significant from lotteries in general. Many think that after winning a lottery their life would become much smoother and of course many folds better. But the truth is, most lottery winners do not possess the necessary skill set to manage the huge amount of winnings. On top of that, since lottery winners did not have to do much to earn the money in the first place, they are way too careless about spending it in vein. With access to a lot of money, they soon begin to pick up bad habits that are again compounded by bad company. Many lottery winners have ended up worse in life after they won the lottery. In our today’s article we will try to explore a few real life examples of such nature. Yes, it is extremely hard to believe that how people can spend so much money in so little a time. But, we are humans and we are known for our ingenuity. If you ever wanted to win a lottery, and thought everything will be ok after you finally win it, then think again.

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