11 Worst States To Be An Animal


As the most dominant species on this planet, we have a lot of responsibilities towards lesser life forms. I am not saying that animals should be treated as our equals, but violence and cruelty against them is utterly unforgivable. Animals too have feelings, though they may not be as fine-tuned as ours, but they do feel pain, and they can feel fear. Just ask yourself this, how you would think about a person, who torments someone mentally or physically challenged just for the sake of having a few sick laughs. Cruelty against animals is a real problem, the thing is, the world as it is has a lot of problems, and most people are quite busy solving their own problems let alone think about animals. If you have ever owned a pet, then I am sure you can understand the companionship an animal can offer. And how beautiful the relationship is between a pet and its owner. Unfortunately, even in the United States of America the land of freedom, animals are being subjected to heavy abuse. The object of our today’s article is to raise awareness against such activity.

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